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Witch It – The Most Humorous Hide & Seek Game with Real Boob & Belly Physics

Ever played a game that just made you truly laugh out loud? Witch It is just that, a hilarious game of hide & seek.

Online gaming communities while not new are becoming more popular now more than ever, they are also much more fun these days. In the era of social distancing people are finding fun and creative ways to game and hang out with their friends online and I am definitely one of those people. Recently, I had been looking for a new game to play that was just a solid fun time and could be picked up quickly. You know, something humorous and action packed! It was on a sleepless night of browsing and researching different games online that I found Witch It, a multiplayer hide and seek game ,yup, I said hide and seek, best part is, It can be played online and is more fun in Witch It than in real life. Just watch this video and get ready to LOL.

Witch It brings back all the joy and fun of playing hide and seek as a kid with humor and magic. Imagine being able to mimic anything you see or being a giant ogre looking hunter, throwing chickens in search of witches. Those are some of the things that make this action adventure hide and seek game so much fun. The premise of Witch It involves two groups, hunters and witches. The hunters must find the witches who are hiding. There are 9 different maps to play (like I said way better than playing at home) and 3 different modes to play with. Hide and seek mode, which is the basic mode and contains your hunters versus witches’ model. Mobification mode is a mode that when the witches have been caught, they are turned into hunters, thus making it harder for the remaining witches. The last of the three modes is Hunt a hag, in this mode, skills are disabled for both the teams creating a more realistic game of hide and seek. Hunters however can use melee weapons in this mode.

Witches have a unique and pretty hilarious ability to mimic pretty much anything in their environment, whether it's a couch or a small piece of fruit, they can mimic it. I, like most people, like to check out gameplay footage before I spend my money and time on a game. During my quests, I came across SoSa and their footage of the game nights they host. One of them just happened to be WitchIt! SoSa is a community of gamers looking to bring everyone together, have fun, "socialise and benefit the planet at the same time!" I think it's pretty awesome, plus, they are really funny. They also do a great job showing exactly what the game is like to play and how much fun it is! Some of the best parts of the video and the game is what I call “the jiggles” and what they hilariously call "belly and boob" physics. Yes, that's right, there is “belly and boob jiggle” in this game. The hunters are big ogre-like men, so the jiggle factor is super funny. If you need to see this to believe it go to the :50 second mark of the video. Definite "belly and boob physics" there for sure, just watch that belly jiggle! The way the witches mimic items is hilarious, you can see at one point in the video some witches try to dodge the hunters by disguising themselves as a piece of fruit, chaos and havoc soon consume the game as one witch remains hidden while a loyal chicken gives away the location. Everyone begins chucking every item imaginable at the one spot desperately trying to kill the last witch standing! Also, they have a love for potatoes in this game as they get chucked at witches and even have a Chummy Potato storefront. As in life, potatoes are always a winning option.

My favorite part of the game night video was when the Hunter's special move, which is a body slam type move, is highlighted in slow motion (major belly and boob physics there) and set to the tune of Enya's "Only Time", I told you they were funny. As the game is played there are also opportunities to level up and gain rewards and gear for your character (6:38). Shown in the game footage are 2 of the 14 available maps. They have everything from pirate themed maps to tropical islands maps. Hunting for witches on a tropical island? Why not?

Witch It game nights seem like a great time. If you’re looking for a game to have some beers and maybe make up some odd passwords, then this is your type of game night. Maybe you're more the type that needs some advice on how to poop? You may be asking, "What? Isn't that a natural process? Even a baby can do that on their own." Well, yeah, you're right but check the video at 2:19 to see exactly what I'm talking about. The SoSa hosted game of Witch It game is hilarious and I might just grab some beers for the next game night and join them, see you there!

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