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Why GameFly Is The Most Epic Gamer Service For While You're Stuck At Home.

Here at Socially Gaming, we know how important it is to stay gaming. After all, gaming is life. With most of the world going on "lockdown" due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic, and it's safe to say most GameStop's are closed, it getting pretty tough for us gamers to get a hold of new games to try. You can resort to the online store, but what's the fun in sitting there waiting for your game to download when you can just pop in the disc and get going. Especially for those with spotty internet or who live in areas where internet is hard to get. I have a friend who lives pretty deep in the mountains at a ski resort and their internet just isnt that great, so GameFly is a perfect way for him to try out new games without the need for internet.

GameFly currently offers a 30-Day Free Trial, so you can test the service out. Their shipping time is amazing. In my experience I would return a game on Monday via my local mail and I would have the next game in my mailbox by Wednesday or Thursday morning. GameFly is also a great way to try out games before committing to the bigger purchase. I personally use GameFly for that reason alone.

Try before you buy. That is one of the major reasons I love GameFly. If you're like me, or like a lot of us here at Socially Gaming you want to try a lot of different games, but you don't want to spend $60 USD every time you want to play a new game. GameFly is a solution to that problem. Try the games out, if you like them you can buy it for your collection or keep it until you beat it. You can sign up for the plan to have more than 1 game out at a time to keep your video game library fresh.

While you are stuck inside, GameFly will give you the opportunity to try games outside of your comfort zone or to try that game everyone has been talking about online and in gaming blogs. Socially Gaming believes in all things gaming, so we like to try out all sorts of games.

GameFly has the most up to date video game releases all available for check out. What are you waiting for? Go sign up for the 30-Day Free trial and get your game on!

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