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Top 6 Tools for Cosplay crafts

Socially Gaming has put together an essential list of Cosplay tools. The best tools to get started on your cosplay journey are listed below. If you have any suggestions or advice for beginners, feel free to drop a comment below!

While you are playing the vast world of video games, you probably have come across tools, weapons, or other features of the game that you have found interesting. You might have even thought about making a replica of that tool, to show off on your Instagram or to help you win a contest perhaps? Well, Socially Gaming has you covered. Let's get started:

1. Rotary Tool

A rotary tool can be one of the most versatile tools to add to your cosplay tool set.

A popular brand among the cosplay community is Dremel™. You can find them at any major hardware store in your local area.

The reason you want one of these is because you get one tool to do a plethora of tasks. It's an easy choice to start with. This cosplay tool wonder can handle any job the daily cosplay enthusiast throws at it. One tool, many hats.

2. Sandpaper

The second tool might seem simple and is sometimes forgotten, but its pretty up there on our essential tools list. The sandpaper is exactly what it sounds like, where one side of the paper is rough and can be used to make wood or other materials smoother. There are also different levels of coarseness that you get sandpaper. This different coarseness can give you a different type of sanding effect and can vary depending on what phase of the project you are in or what type of project you are trying to accomplish.

3. Respirator

The third piece of equipment is an important piece of safety equipment. When you are working with different types of materials, you will be releasing different types of chemicals into the air, and you could end up breathing these chemicals. While it is certainly possible that some of these chemicals won’t cause you any health issues, some chemicals will cause you to have health issues. The respirator will help clean the air that you breathe and has the flexibility to come in different sizes and styles.

4. Glue or some other type of adhesive

This was an obvious one, and one might argue that it should have been higher up on the list. Glue can help you put different pieces on the craft and can help keep those pieces stay on. Though when we are talking about glue, we are not talking about your glue stick. Instead, we are talking about serious glue that can set instantly and have a strong bond long after the glue was applied. However, glue is not the only adhesive tool that could be used. There are many types of tape that could also be used. Tape could not only provide the adhesive ability but also help provide an exciting look to any project.

5. Cutting mat

More likely than not, you are not working on-air, and instead, you are working on a surface. Well, these surfaces deserve the right to be protected from your project. This is where a cutting mat comes in hand. The cutting mat can serve several different functions. For starters, the cutting mat can be used to protect the surface that you are working on. The second purpose is that some cutting boards have rulers on the side, which can help measure materials.

6. Utility Knife and a sharpener

The final tool is a helpful tool to make precise cuts in open spaces and tight spaces. A utility knife can cut a variety of materials. A utility knife is also small enough to fit into tight spaces to cut specific materials. A sharpener is an essential tool when it comes to the knife because after making cut after cut, the knife will start to get dull. The sharpener will help keep your knife cutting like it is brand new.

Making props can be fun and help make you stand out from your cosplay competition. However, if you are not using the right tools making these props can become dangerous, and the props can also not come out right. With the right tools, you will not eliminate the frustration, but you will be able to make quality props that look good and stand out.

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