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Take Your Drinking Games Online

Many of us here at Socially Gaming have played a drinking game or two in our lifetimes and since quarantine, some may say drinking, gaming and drinking again, has really become a way of life. Jokes aside though, drinking games, when done responsibly and when drinking laws are followed, can be fun! Why not combine that fun pastime with your next virtual Dungeons and Dragons session? Also, let's be honest, people have more booze at home than they do toilet paper at the moment, so drink up. We also have some tips on playing virtual Beer Pong (it can be done!). While there are no quintessential D&D drinking games, the fine folks of the world wide web have come up with some of their own. We have just one rule: No bar fights.

The Chuggernauts, have a D&D drinking game as well as drinking games for other tabletop games and card games (hello all you Magic fans) as well. The drinking game rules are broken up into categories which, in my opinion, does help. Think of how long a D&D session can go and throw drinking in, trust me categories will help. The categories are as follows: drinking for damage, drinking for defeating enemies, drinking for rolls and drinking to earn bonuses. These rules seem to be the easiest I have found, especially if you're drinking with players that have little to no experience.

Another one I found that I liked was on Grow Up And Game. Here drinking rules are divided by player, DM, table, player shot, DM shot, and Table shot. So, drinks and shots to mix it up. The rules aren't complicated at all and allow equal opportunities for everyone to drink and have fun including the DM. That being said, there are many more out there. Try a search and see what you find. Let us here at Socially Gaming know what you liked, what you didn't, or any rules and tips you may have in the comments at the end.

Lastly, on Tabletop Simulator, which was previously mentioned here on Socially Gaming, there is a beer pong table, I kid you not. Tabletop Simulator, is offered on Steam for $14.99 and can also be used for Dungeons and Dragons as well as other tabletop RPG's. Unfortunately, it is a single player game and only allows for local multiplayer. Unless you are lucky enough to be quarantined with others and aren't alone this one might be best left for when life returns to normal and a trip to the grocery store doesn't feel like "Mad Max" in real life. The good thing is there is no clean up afterwards or chasing after balls.

All right, there are a few ways to make D&D even more interesting the next time you play virtually. As always leave any comments you may have on this or any of our other articles below.

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