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Streamer Showdown: Pestily vs. Eroktic

Socially Gaming takes a look at some of today's top gaming streamers and compares them. In this streamer showdown, we’ll be taking a look at two streamers who are known mainly for their Escape From Tarkov content: Pestily and Eroktic.

You won’t find many forms of entertainment that have exploded quite like live-streaming, and today, there are countless streamers to choose from. With so many channels across a variety of different platforms, you may be wondering how one streamer stacks up against another, and that’s why we have our Streamer Showdown series.

Today, we’ll be focusing on two streamers who are notorious in the Escape From Tarkov community. The first is Pestily, who is one of the most renowned Tarkov streamers currently in the game. Our second streamer is Eroktic, who is something of an underdog but no less notorious than Pestily.



Pestily is 32 years old and he’s an Escape From Tarkov streamer from Adelaide, Australia. A lifelong gamer, Pestily’s first encounter with video games was with the Commodore 64. His fondness of FPS games dates back to his experiences with Half-Life and its derivative Counter-Strike.

After getting started with FPS games, Pestily moved on to MMOs, sinking plenty of time into World of Warcraft and even breaking up with one of his girlfriends because of his love for the game. His professional career has included service with the Australian Army and as a firefighter.

Stream Style

Pestily’s streams are known for his impressive gameplay, and he is considered one of the top Escape From Tarkov players that are currently active. While Pestily may not have the sheer technical skill of Worrun or LVNDMARK, he makes up for it with his personality and excellent game sense.

Pestily frequently engages with his audience during streams, and he has held several events throughout the past, including giveaways, charity streams, and more. Many of his streams also include conversations with the developers at Battlestate Games (the makers of Escape From Tarkov).

What He’s Known For

Pestily is one of the most popular Escape From Tarkov streamers, and many people attribute some of the game’s rise in popularity to him. One of Pestily’s most notable aspects is his humility, rarely getting frustrated with the game and hardly ever feeling entitled to better treatment than the average player.

Most of Pestily’s fan-base loves his “everyman” aspect, as it makes it easier to connect with him. Pestily was also on the winning European team of the latest Twitch Rivals tournament for Escape From Tarkov.



Eroktic isn’t quite as famous as some of his counterparts, but he makes up for that with his sheer notoriety. Hailing from Croatia, Eroktic is also known as Skra, and he pridefully refers to his fanbase as the Skra Army.

One of Eroktic’s most distinctive aspects is his sense of style, wearing studded jean vests and other rock-and-roll clothing. Along with livestreaming, Eroktic is also known for his Youtube channel, where he edits together the best moments from his livestreams.

Stream Style

Eroktic’s stream is known for being a little more light-hearted than some of his more popular competitors, like Pestily, Klean, or LVNDMARK. Instead of focusing on perfect gameplay, Eroktic enjoys making light of issues in Escape From Tarkov and has a particular fondness for AK rifles.

A running joke on Eroktic’s channel is that he refuses to use HK416s and other non-AK weapons, though he has a proclivity for using the TOZ shotgun instead of pistols on budget runs. Eroktic’s stream also features plenty of music, and much of it is made by the streamer himself.

What He’s Known For

Eroktic is a relatively controversial figure in the history of Escape From Tarkov, and he has been on the receiving end of legal threats from Battlestate Games. In the past, his videos have been pulled from Youtube because Battlestate Games filed a copyright claim on them, stating that they contained inaccurate and disparaging information.

Following this event, Eroktic stopped streaming Escape From Tarkov for a period of nearly a year. Gradually, he began streaming Escape From Tarkov content again, though he is not as prolific as he once was, likely due to sour memories from his exchange with Battlestate Games.


As you can see, both of these streamers are well-known in the Escape From Tarkov community, but it’s for entirely different things. While Pestily is a highly-respected member of the community in the eyes of players and developers alike, the same doesn’t seem to be true for Eroktic.

Despite his loyal fanbase, Eroktic seems to butt heads with the development team behind Escape From Tarkov relatively often, though some of his complaints are extremely valid. At the end of the day, your choice will depend on whether you want to see impressive gameplay (Pestily) or entertaining quips and inside jokes (Eroktic).

Who is your favorite Escape From Tarkov Streamer? Drop yours in the comments below! 👇👇👇

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