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Splash Into Chapter 2: Season 3 Of Fortnite

Updated: Jul 20

Fortnite: Where its been and what's in store this season

The new season of Fortnite is just getting underway. Each season brings new surprises along with it and this season is no exception. Here is everything you can expect from Chapter 2 Season 3 along with some background on how Fortnite got there.

Epic Endings

Fortnite has a history of ending their seasons in Epic fashion. For the ending of Chapter 1, a rocket launcher into the sky from Dusty Depot. This created a giant rift that connected to other rifts that were already beginning to form. This rift that formed in the atmosphere of the Fortnite sky's grew so large that it allowed a meteor to go crashing down, destroying the island.

This chaotic event was followed by a black hole. Fortnite players could no longer play. Once they logged in, they were simply met with a black hole and nothing else. All of Fortnites social media was wiped out and all that remained were streams of the black hole posted to it's accounts. This black hole event lasted for 2 days. Out of the shadows of darkness, a new Chapter was born. On October 15th, 2019, Chapter 2 Season 1 began.

New World

Chapter 2 not only brought a new map, but along with it an array of new weapons and vehicles. There were now boats that could be driven both in water and on land. Along the docks fishing rods and fishing spots could be found, making fishing a fun, new activity. Purple slurp fish became a hot commodity, allowing players to increase their shield and health by 50% when consuming it. Weapons and ammo could also be fished out of the various ponds, rivers and lakes throughout the map. Seasonal events also began to take place throughout this time. Winterfest brought snow and the opportunity to open a new gift everyday the event was running. Fortnitemares and Love and War also brought along different weapons and activities for their seasonal events as well. This first season was the longest season on record for Fortnite. Lasting until February 20th, 2020. During that time Star Wars became a part of the Fortnite universe.

Epic collaborations

Star Wars is already a huge name in its own right, so to have the Star Wars galaxy combine itself with the Fortnite galaxy was pretty big on it's own. Lightsaber battles became a normal thing to see and participate in while running around for a few weeks there. The "Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker" event was a limited time event that went from December 14th, 2019 until the beginning of January 2020. Epic Games brought this Star Wars collaboration back for May the 4th. The second time around, the Finn skin was not available, as was the same case with the Storm Trooper skin. The Storm Trooper skin was only available with a purchase of "Star Wars: Fallen Order", when purchased from the Epic website. This time the event lasted for only 2 days.

Marvel decided to get in on this collaboration as well. This was a no brainer, considering Walt Disney Co. is a minority owner of Epic Games and also owner to the rights of the Star Wars empire and Marvel as well. Under the Marvel Universe they brought in Chapter 2: Season 2 featuring Deadpool. Deadpool even had his own yacht in the game. I may have died a few times trying to fight my way through that yacht but it was fun. Fortnite also added in other Marvel skins for that event such as Cable, Psylocke, Cuddlepool (one of my faves) and so on and so forth.

These collaborations began about two years back and have also included more of The Avengers, Batman, Harley Quinn and others from the comic book world. Even the Superbowl has collaborated with Fortnite to create one of a kind skins and events. Fortnite has not stopped with the comic book world. They have also added other pop culture skins that expand into mainstream movies and even djs like Marshmellow. These musical ties have led to other collaborations recently as well.

The Tunes And Much More

The latest music collaborations between Fortnite and various musical artists during the last season has been particularly interesting in my opinion. With Covid-19 keeping everyone home and putting an end to concerts and music festivals for the forseeable future, Fortnite and some music artists began collaborating. If consumers, gamers or anyone else for that matter was no longer able to go to a show, the show was coming to the masses. Last season Travis Scott brought Astroworld to Fortnite.

He used the platform and technology to his advantage as he played his hits through various virtual worlds bringing the Fortniters along with him. There were several showtimes for the days long event as well as a Travis Scott skin and the assorted blings and dances that came along with it. Next up was an EDM show with Steve Aoiki, Dillon Francis and deadmau5 headlining. These types of events aren't exactly new in the Fortnite world. Previous in-game concerts have also included Marshmellow and Diplo, who performed in the Party Royal area.

Fortnite has become a place where movie companies are now also jumping on the bandwagon and not only having skins of characters in the game but are also using Fortnite as a platform to broadcast clips of their films and television shows. Star Wars has done this, MTV and most recently Christopher Nolan director of "The Dark Knight" ,among many other critically acclaimed films. has even used Fortnite to premiere the trailer of his latest film "Tenet" starring Idris Elba.

What To Expect For Season 3 And Beyond

You may be asking yourself where else Fortnite could possibly go from here. Well for Season 3 they have submerged most of the map similar to "Water World". It seems they are keeping form with how they did the season featuring Marvel's Deadpool but instead are using D.C.'s Aquaman. The fans of Jason Mamoa must be excited. This DC collaboration could possibly mean more future collaborations and skins when "Wonder Woman: 1984" comes out along with other DC Comics films.

Speaking of skins, they have added some new ones with this season's Battle Pass. Kit is what looks like a tiny version of Meowth. He rides on a motorcycle and has a mech suit to help shoot weapons. Also new, is the ability to create your own umbrella this season. As was the case with create your own Maya last season, as players gain levels they will be able to unlock various features on the umbrella making it customized to their liking.

One of the things we here at Socially Gaming are very excited about is the chance to finally be able to drive the vehicles in Fortnite. Hunting other players down in police vehicles and construction trucks will be a thing this season. I cannot wait for it. Along with those I would expect more concert events, movie trailer premieres and skins to go along with those movies. I'm excited for all of the new possibilities. Happy gaming!

Let us know what you are excited for this Season and for those beyond in the comments below.

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