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SFL - Controller-less Football on Television

Let's face it; Coronavirus has caused a massive change within the sports industry. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, sports leagues such as the NBA, NHL, and MLB have suspended their seasons. The virus has reached over 1,300,000 confirmed cases, and because of its growth, many people are forced to quarantine to remain safe.

For many sports fans, this leaves them in a state where they are unable to watch games in person in the middle of their seasons/drafts. While it's uncertain what the specific effects for the NFL will be since they are currently in their off-season, it's clear that this is an opportunity.

Imagine if it HAD been during the season for a moment. Without exaggeration, it would've caused a meltdown in the United States because, simply put, in many areas, football is god.

There's no reliable indication that the NFL will be able to even return later this year. And with that, a vacancy has opened for sports fans that want to be entertained.

The Simulation Football League (SFL) is able to fill in that gap. The SFL is a controller-less game that is broadcast on Live television, Twitch, DirectTV, and other stations online. To help prevent the spread and provide a unique way of sports entertainment, SFL is the league that will continue to have a regular-season that you can watch from the comfort of your home.

What is the SFL?

SFL stands for Simulation Football League; it's a league where anyone can become a player in the game without even having to enter a field or use a controller.

All-Pro Football 2008 is the game that is used for SFL, as it has a good AI coding system behind it. That way, the league is able to create custom teams, players, and have them interact on the field in a streamlined yet entertaining matter with realistic movements and plays.

The SFL has grown in recent years, gaining over 2.8k subscribers on YouTube, and 1.3k followers on Twitter. They have a strong social media presence, and it's expected to get better over time.

How is SFL an eSports Alternative?

SFL's commissioner Irvine states that the SFL's goal is to "Place the Fan inside of the fantasy football experience." The amount of depth that has gone into creating a fully functioning league is astounding.

There are general managers, assistant managers, team owners, players, commentators, and more that contribute to the overall experience, as each position is manned by an actual person. SFL takes the experience of fantasy football and translates it into an engaging, by, and for a fans gaming experience that is unlike anything else.

Players get the chance to claim an avatar in a team position from running back to corner-back and build it up gradually during training and the season. There is a myriad of perks that play into the overall game-play, and that's not all.

People that enjoy the team-building side of fantasy football get the chance to dig deep into the details of what it means to scout, recruit, and build a roster. There are budgets to balance, stats to observe, and more that allow those interested in getting a real feel for what it's like to run the back office of a sports team.

SFL’s sound is presented by APM Music, who is also responsible for creating interesting sound environments for shows such as Game of Thrones, Spongebob Square Pants, Atlanta, Westworld, even Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. So football fans will get a high-end broadcast experience during quarantine season.

As the Pro season ends and the SFLm (SFL Minor League) season starts, SFL will continue to provide high-quality football entertainment. The playoffs are starting for the pro seasons within the upcoming week, so there will be a lot more e-football games for new users to watch.

Come check out the SFL Rookie Draft on April 22nd!

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