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Our Favorite Guns in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

Updated: Jun 28

Socially Gaming talks about the latest Call of Duty title and how it brings us back to the present-day, and it features one of the most varied weapon rosters the series has ever seen. Today we are going to talk about some of the best guns in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.

Since the start of the franchise, there have been two stars in any Call of Duty game: the maps and the weapons. Today, we're going to focus on our best guns in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We'll mostly cover the most powerful weapons, but we've also thrown in a few personal favorites.


The AUG is classified as an SMG, as it is initially chambered in 9mm, but you can eventually unlock two 5.56mm magazines that turn it into an assault rifle. The first of these magazines is a 30-rounder with better handling, and the second is a 60-rounder that sacrifices mobility for capacity.

Whether you kit it out as an SMG or an assault rifle, the AUG is a dangerous weapon. As an SMG, the weapon is extremely precise, with low recoil and excellent damage per shot. The 5.56 conversion of the AUG trades away some of that "controllability" for improved range and damage.


The MP5 is widely considered to be the best gun in the game, and it’s the most popular weapon among competitive players. This is due to the weapon’s terrifying performance at close range coupled with its excellent "controllability", making it relatively easy to hit enemies at a distance.

We don't recommend using the 10mm conversion with the MP5, as it only increases your range, and it's not worth the additional kick, which makes it harder to get shots on target. Like most SMGs, the MP5 has surprisingly workable hip-fire, but you'll still want to aim down sights to maximize your chances of hitting.


Along with the MP5, the M4 is considered the king of meta weapons, being the preferred assault rifle for most top-level players, though it has recently seen some competition from the Grau. However, since the M4 has been in the game since launch, it’s still by far the most common meta assault rifle.

What makes the M4 so good is its combination of low recoil and extremely fast time to kill (TTK). With the grenadier barrel and the no stock attachments, the M4 becomes extremely quick to aim while retaining extremely low levels of recoil, provided you equip the proper grip and muzzle device.

Grau 5.56

The Grau 5.56 is a relatively recent addition to the game, added in season 2, and modeled after the Sig SG550 series of rifles. The weapon features a wide range of attachments, and it's equally capable in close-quarters fighting and in long-range engagements.

Much like the M4, a common attachment setup for the Grau 5.56 is the longest barrel (Archangel) combined with the no stock attachment. Unfortunately, there are rumors circulating that the Grau may be the target for a potential nerf, but it remains to be seen whether this is grounded in fact.


The PKM is one of the most underrated guns in Modern Warfare, and it makes sense. LMGs are typically overlooked by the community due to their abysmal movement speed and poor handling stats. Thankfully, the attachment system allows you to work out many of these kinks in the PKM.

Due to the unique snatch grip attachment on the PKM, you have an under-barrel attachment, which reduces recoil and improves aim down sight time. Couple this with the no stock attachment, and you have an LMG that can aim down sights as fast as an assault rifle, without having to give up the 100-round belt.

Model 680

While the Model 680 may not be as outright powerful as the rest of these weapons, we’ve found it to be the best-feeling shotgun out of the bunch. The gun has a reasonable one-hit kill distance, and it can even be used comfortably without attachments, provided you’re on a close-quarter map.

However, the Model 680 has recently been given the Dragon’s Breath attachment: shotgun shells filled with napalm. For a very slight reduction in range, your Model 680 can set enemies on fire with every hit, doing a bit of damage over time, even after the shot impacts them.


Yet another weapon added after the game’s launch, the Renetti is the first pistol in Modern Warfare that feels truly powerful (apart from the now-nerfed akimbo .357s with snakeshot). The three-round burst barrel turns this handgun into a compact machine pistol with respectable damage output at close range.

In a game where the pistols have been far weaker than in recent Call of Duty titles, the Renetti is a breath of fresh air.


There’s no shortage of great weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and this list has only scratched the surface when it comes to our favorites. However, if you’re looking for some meta weapon builds, any of the guns in this list will be sure to serve you well. Good luck out on the battlefield.

What are some of your favorite load-outs in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare? Drop them in the comments below! 👇👇👇👇

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