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Host Your D&D Games Virtually While On Lock Down During The Pandemic

You wake up in Neverwinter. A town you have never been to but have heard many a tale. A town of craftsman who trade through the merchants of Waterdeep, but this is not the Neverwinter you encounter....

If those words rattle your soul with a lust for Dungeons and Dragons and you are struggling to find a way to play while under lock down, take a gander here because I have your cure.

Fantasy Grounds is one of the top platforms (and only one to have officially licensed content from Wizards of the Coast) for playing D&D online as well as other tabletop games. If wanting to have the actual products is your thing try this one out. Anything and everything to play is at your fingertips here from mod packs, monster packs ($53) and everything in between. At $40 per person for the software and then an additional $20 to begin your first campaign, plus those packs I mentioned and it can get a bit pricey. They do offer subscriptions which do save but can still be pricey for some. Never fear though. There is another option with the same robust abundance of capabilities that is FREE!

Roll20 is the most popular free platform for playing Dungeons and Dragons currently out there. It even has apps for Android and iOS (iPad only). The experience is completely interactive and allows for complete customization. From map creation and character creation to allowing users to digitally roll their dice (a method I prefer when playing online to counter any pesky cheaters) they have it all. One of my favorite parts, is also the jukebox feature. Streaming music really helps to set the mood I think. Also, like I mentioned its free. So why not try it.

Another platform, which is available through Steam, is Tabletop Simulator. While there is not as much allowance for customization as the rest, it still gets the job done. Most of the maps and objects are pre-made, although the objects can be customized. Dice, character sheets and any books you need to play though need to be supplied by yourself. So, just the bare minimum here, which is kind of disappointing. A positive though is that most gamers already have a Steam account so it is easily accessible. The price is $14.99 for one person and $45 for a four pack.

There you have it. Gather your brethren, get your spells ready and live your best quarantine life while getting your D&D on.

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