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Five Things Everyone Loves (And Hates) About Rainbow Six Siege

Socially Gaming got to try out Rainbow Six Siege for the first time. Here are some of this things we loved, and hated about this first person shooter game. Realism in video games is a polarizing topic. You either love it or hate it. The same can be said about games that use realism as a core mechanic. Rainbow Six Siege was one of the first realistic shooters to gain a widespread audience, and it’s still one of the most popular eSports titles on the market.

However, there’s a lot about Rainbow Six Siege that people either love or hate, with no in-between. Let’s take a look at the top five things that people love and hate about this game, and we’ll give you an idea of where we stand in these debates.

One-Shot Headshots


One-shot headshots give the game a sense of realism and immersion that’s hard to find anywhere else. When playing a game, few things are as jarring as shooting someone in the head and having them turn around and shoot you. One-shot headshots give the game a sense of risk and the kills a sense of finality.


On the other hand, one-shot headshots have a way of rewarding lucky players every so often. Since all it takes to kill is a single lucky bullet, you can sometimes be killed by an opponent who is wildly spraying in your direction. While this is less common than you may expect, it is still frustrating when it does happen. Come on Rainbow Six Siege, we love you for the realism but these can get annoying.

Operator Abilities


Operator abilities have a way of adding depth to the game, as they add new mechanics to work with or around. They also have a way of rewarding more experienced players, as it takes time and effort to learn what each of the operators does and how you can counter their abilities. This adds a strategic element to the game which we at Socially Gaming just love.


On the other side of things, some players believe that operator abilities help lessen the skill gap between players when it comes to mechanical skill. Adding abilities to the mix means that sheer reflexes and accuracy won’t always win you a fight, and some highly-skilled players are disappointed by this.

Variety of Operators


The huge range of operators in Rainbow Six Siege means that everyone can find a play-style that they appreciate. It also prevents the game from getting stale, as you can switch over to the next operator once you feel like you have mastered the previous one. Finally, a large number of operators increases the number of potential cosmetics too.


Since there are so many operators in Rainbow Six Siege, the game becomes much more intimidating for new players, as there are so many mechanics to memorize. Rainbow Six Siege has always been an intimidating game for beginners, but it is reaching the point where there is simply too much to learn.

The Community


The Siege community is much like other shooter communities in the online gaming world, where you’ll get a lot of good and a lot of bad. The best teammates will guide new players through the game’s mechanics. We’ve even seen our fair share of roof parties on the Bank map, where both teams declare a ceasefire and dance around on the roof.


On the other hand, there are some decidedly toxic members of the siege community out there too. Rampant trash talk has led to a lot of players avoiding game chat altogether. Thankfully, Ubisoft has begun implementing bans for toxic community members, making the game a more enjoyable place for everyone.

The Maps


In a shooter, the maps are an essential part of the game’s fun, and Rainbow Six Siege has got plenty of well-designed maps. From classic maps like Chalet and Bank to reworks like Theme Park, there are so many different areas to fight in, and each of the maps is visually stunning.


Unfortunately, not every map has been well-received upon release, with Theme Park pre-rework and Tower being notorious for their poor gameplay. When you get a poorly-made map on Rainbow Six Siege, you begin to realize exactly how crucial it is for a map to be designed well.


Now that we’ve presented both sides of each of these debates, it’s time for us to let you know where we stand.

For the matter of one-shot headshots, we believe that they are an essential part of the game and that Rainbow Six Siege wouldn’t feel the same without them. Despite the potential for lucky shots, the kill usually ends up going to the more skilled player.

Operator abilities are another crucial part of the game, and the game-play would be much more dumbed-down if gadgets didn’t exist.

The variety of operators does indeed make the game daunting for beginners, and it feels like the developers of Siege are starting to run out of ideas for abilities. Many of the most recent operators simply do the same thing as an older one in a different way.

While this game’s community has us on the fence, we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s something we love. No online game would be complete without its community, and we believe that Siege has more good than bad.

Finally, we love this game’s maps. For every badly-designed map that Ubisoft has released, there have been two or three good ones, so we don’t have much to complain about.

What do you love and hate most about Rainbow Six Siege? Drop your thoughts in the comments below 👇👇👇

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