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eSports and MineCraft - The Future of Digital Festivals

Socially Gaming sat down with some of our writers to talk about their experience and thoughts on the recent shows put on by Fortnite and Minecraft. Everyone has heard of Minecraft and music festivals. Music festivals such as Bonaroo, Coachella, Electric Forest, Tomorrowland, and MK Ultra have brought thousands of people together to enjoy music with their friends, see their favorite artists live, and have a great "party story" years later.

However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused problems within the music industry. Artists who were previously paid to go on tour, are unable to do so. We’ve heard about it in the news headlines, businesses even within the sports industry are closing down to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Where’s the solution in this problem?


On March 28-29, Disciple created Block Party 2, a livestream event hosted on a Minecraft server. For EDM lovers that wanted to connect with their favorite artists, Block Party 2 offers a virtual environment to do so. So far the livestream received over 90,000 views, a sign that it was a success.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a creative multiplayer game invented in 2009. It’s a 3rd person sandbox game that allows players to create interesting art pieces with blocks, dig holes, or even create mansions in the game. Created by Markus "Notch" Persson, Minecraft has been regarded as one of the best selling video games of all time.

The game specializes in three different modes: Survival, Hardcore, and Creative Mode.

Survival mode gives you the full Minecraft experience. You’ll have to focus on both hunger and health as you search for resources to “survive” throughout the game. For the hardcore gamers, Hardcore mode gives you the full survival experience, leaving you with only one life.

But the real beauty comes within its Creative Mode.

Creative Mode and its Unlimited Opportunities

Creative Mode gives you the opportunity to fully utilize Minecraft. There is no health bars nor the risk of any Creepers blowing up your home, or spending hours farming sheep for that special red wool.

With Creative Mode, players have the power to create real-life stages, lighting effects, and pretty much anything you can think of. Some of these creations are shared online, where users can download maps and make their own personal changes.

Minecraft gives users the opportunity to be innovative. Some of the more complex Minecraft creations were an online library, a supercomputer, and now....a live music festival.

How Was the Concert Created?

Despite its current success, Disciple had created a digital concert before the coronavirus outbreak. Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases and deaths, their plan was to create Block Party 2 to offer a fun alternative festival during quarantine.

The Disciple Block Party 2 is more than just your regular Minecraft map. Like real festivals it features music acts from professional artists throughout a two day period.

Here is the Lineup:

● 12th Planet

● Bandlez

● Barely Alive

● Dirtyphonics

● Eliminate

● Fox Stevenson

● Infekt

● Modestep

● Oliverse

● Samplifire

● Terravita

● Virtual Riot

● Virus Syndicate


● Control Freak

● Deadlyft

● Everbeing

● Leotrix

● Nyptane

● Spock

● Storyboard

● Takeover NZ

To have such an active roster for an e-performance is astonishing! For two days Disciple has given Minecraft fans a live e-performance while still giving artists the stage to show their talents.

I Attended My First Virtual E-Concert

My friend introduced me to the concert jokingly asking if I wanted to go catch some tunes. Confused, he clarified that there was a virtual concert coming up and if I’d never been to one, I needed to.

Since I’ve played minecraft for over 5 years, I knew I needed to go just to check it out.

Since the server was in Minecraft 1.12.2, I had to make that quick change in order to attend. For those trying to attend concerts like these, I suggest looking up their server type to ensure that you get in and not miss anything by cutting too close to the deadline.

Simply click with the compass and it will direct you to a series of sub-servers where you’ll be roomed with other concert goers, all who are excited to hear some great music throughout the weekend.

From there, you can watch the livestream on Youtube and be rewarded with interesting and unique sounds from popular EDM artists. This event was hosted by EDM musical collective Disciple, and has been successful at bringing the EDM experience to the comfort of your own home.

It felt like a complete party, everyone in the chat was yelling “YOI”, chanting absurdities and having fun. They even played the Cha-Cha slide in a EDM remix.

Since it holds up to 4,000 people, some would say it's one of the largest virtual concerts ever attempted. In fact, it even had a VIP section for those dedicated to supporting the event. Due to all of this organization, it's a great map for e-performances and just hanging with friends.

After the concert, Disciple stated they received over $5,000 in donations. The donations will be used to aid charities finding a way to fight COVID-19.

What appeared to be a simple concert, turned into a fun event that would also help reduce the spread by keeping gamers home and help financially contribute towards a solution.

Minecraft 1: Coronavirus 0.

What Next?

After seeing the success of Block Party 2, chances are that future music artists will follow suit. Minecraft fans will continue to dedicate hours to create compelling live sets, expressing their creativity and love for EDM music.

We can see an increase in digital events becoming the norm in 2020. By staying home and hosting virtual e-performances, the world will be able to stay entertained while properly reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Stay home. Have fun. And play Minecraft.

Travis Scott’s Concert on Fortnite

Besides the Minecraft concert, there has been another virtual concert that has been on my mind. Fortnite has created an event where it would host Travis Scott’s music from his three albums and his new song with Kid Cudi.

When I entered the Fortnite map, I was able to sit around and battle other plays before the show started. There was a large timer that would make us unable to fight each other at the 20 minute mark.

20 minutes later, Travis Scott entered the game.

For over 10 minutes, my Fortnite character would float through carefully crafted soundscapes reflecting the artists vision for their music.

We would bounce to “Astroworld”, “Goosebumps”, and his new song “The Scotts” with Kid Cudi. Throughout the event, I was amazed by the visuals and the entire construction of the event, the level of detail, and how it was a new experience for players that want to combine two forms of entertainment they love into a new experience. You can catch a video of Travis Scott's performance below.

There are a few times when Fortnite transcends the gaming spectrum and becomes a platform for virtual performances. And this one with Travis Scott, was a very good glimpse of what could happen with future music performances.

Soon, not only bigger artists will be able to do these concerts, artists of all sizes will be able to work with virtual video DJs, 3d artists, and other creators to cultivate more unique immersive gaming and music experiences.

What do you think about virtual performances and have you joined in on one? Drop your thoughts in the comments below! 👇👇👇

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