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Epic Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Diorama

Imagine your D&D campaigns on this masterpiece.. suddenly a few beers and quarantine doesn't seem so bad.

I don't know about you, but I could play on this by myself for days. My imagination is running wild with stories and campaigns I could make with this awesome tabletop diorama by Ryan Devoto. The detail and sheer size of the landscape is just mind-blowing. There are several areas to play on, each massive in it's own right.

Starting with the ocean area, it leads to a small beach side town, in the middle a giant forest with an even bigger dungeon area. Beyond that, you have your town and then a castle at the opposite end of the ocean.

The photos don't do it enough justice so we put together and awesome video for you to see all the detail Ryan put into this. The ocean terrains were done by Ocean Modular.

Socially Gaming could have game nights for days at a time and still not explore the entire area of the diorama. You can see the effort put in when you get close up to see the detail of the terrain and attention to the fine points of the bar and town.

The massive dungeon at the center of the diorama is just awesome. The amount of creatures you could fight in there are unimaginable, from Dragons to Kobolds, I could come up with some awesome campaigns to DM on this thing!

What about you, what would you run on this?

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