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A Look At Some Of The Highest Paid eSports Players In 2019

Socially Gaming has long been a fan of eSports and it's culture. eSports have come a long way today. From humble beginnings as local neighborhood contests for bragging rights, gaming competitions have evolved into full-blown, grand spectacles that attract millions of viewers. Besides fans, eSports are also attracting more and more high rolling sponsorship's and investments, promising players bigger and better payouts.

The 2020 eSports season is off to a rocky start because of the global pandemic, so let’s look at last year’s top 5 highest paid eSports players.

N0tail (DotA 2) - $6.8 million

Thanks to his 2019 earnings, this Danish DotA 2 superstar became the highest-paid eSports player of all time. Thanks in great part to his godlike skills, his team, OG, took last year’s The International for the second year running, netting him an incredibly high payout in the process.

Bugha (Fortnite) - $3 million

While Fortnite blew up in 2018 becoming the most played game on the planet, it wasn’t until 2019 that the game also became an eSports phenomenon. Thanks to Epic’s millions worth of funding, the Fortnite World Cup was an immense spectacle with a big payout for its ultimate winner, Bugha. The single event alone awarded him $3 million making him one of the highest-paid players from a single tournament.

Xyp9x (CS:GO) - $1.7 million

Another Danish eSports master, Xyp9x’s clutch plays were integral to team Astralis’s fourth Valve Major win in 2019. Not only from his incredible performance during last year’s Major, but also thanks to his overall pivotal role in Astralis’s rise to fame, Xyp9x is right up there with the highest earners.

Faker (League of Legends) - $1.3 mil

You can’t have a list of eSports legends and not have one of South Korea’s greatest competitors of all time. Faker is the heart and soul of T1, the three-time world champion of League of Legends. Aside from dominating the League Championship Series (LCS) during his debut year, Faker is regarded as one of the greatest League players of all time as well as the most celebrated eSports pro.

Feg (Shadowverse) - $1 mil

An often overlooked digital card game, Shadowverse has actually been generating a lot of investment in its World Grand Prix. 2018’s underdog-turned-champion, Feg, raked in a cool $1 million by dominating a slew of fan favorites in a huge upset.

There you have it, Socially Gaming's list of the top 5 highest paid eSports players right now. With prize money and sponsorship's growing year after year, we’re sure to bear witness to the birth of more legends. Who said gaming doesn’t pay off?

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