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The Best Ways to Make Money in Escape From Tarkov

Updated: Apr 2

In this short guide, we’re going to cover some of the most efficient ways to make money in Battlestate Games’ hit shooter Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov has taken the world by storm, and its newfound popularity has resulted in an influx of beginners. When you first start off in Escape From Tarkov, you have a small amount of money and a bit of gear that will depend on which edition of the game that you purchased, but either way, it won’t last long.

Money is crucial in Tarkov, and the most prevalent of the three currencies is the Ruble. Escape From Tarkov is a pretty open-ended game, but there are a few ways to make money that work better than others. We're going to share some of our tips and tricks so that you can quickly build up your cash reserves.

Hatchet Runs Hatchet runners (also known as hatchlings) are often frowned upon by veteran players, but that doesn't make their tactics any less profitable. A hatchet run is when you load into a game as your PMC with the intention of running to the most valuable loot spawns so that you can store high-value goods in your secure container.

Since your secure container is inaccessible to other players when they loot you, you’re almost guaranteed to come out with a profit. Most hatchet runners bring no gear along with them except for a hatchet, though some players choose to bring in affordable gear that won’t put too much of a dent in their profits.

A popular alternative to the hatchet run is the pistol run, in which you bring in a handgun or machine pistol to give you the upper hand when fighting other hatchlings. Be sure to use this strategy on maps with valuable loot like Reserve, Shoreline, or Interchange.

Play the Market While Escape From Tarkov’s market isn’t necessarily free (prices are based on AI trader prices, which don’t fluctuate), there are still plenty of opportunities for savvy players to take advantage of it. There are many ways to play the market, and since prices change every day, it takes a bit of research to make the most significant profits.

If you're trying to make money by playing the market, the first thing that you should focus on is improving your reputation with each of the traders. Leveling your traders will allow you to access high-demand items that you can then resell on the market at a higher cost.

You can also play the Escape From Tarkov market like the stock market, buying goods from players when you notice that they’re available for a low price, and then saving them until the price rises once again. It’s also a good idea to upgrade your hideout’s crafting stations if you’re going to use this strategy, as you’ll be able to produce high-demand goods.

Play in a Squad This tip may seem counter-intuitive at first, as you'll have to split the loot that you find with your squad-mates, but it will significantly increase your survivability. While playing solo, you are more likely to die, especially if you run into a squad, potentially costing you your entire kit.

Playing with a squad means that you’re also much more likely to get your gear back if it’s insured. If your squad-mate neutralizes the PMC or scav that killed you, they’ll have an opportunity to grab your gear and toss it in a bush so that a lucky player won’t happen upon your corpse.

Finally, being in a squad means that you’re also much more likely to perceive threats. Doubling or tripling the number of eyes and ears that are looking out for enemies means that you’re a lot less likely to get ambushed or caught by surprise. Of course, this is dependent on good communication and equally-skilled players.

Shoreline Sanitorium Runs This final tactic will take a bit more of an investment than the others, but it is another sure way to make good money. The Sanitorium on the Shoreline map has plenty of high-value loot spawns, but the catch is that most of them are stuck behind locked doors. You’ll need a bit of money to purchase the keys and a key-tool or documents case to carry them.

Be sure to always store keys in your secure container, as they are extremely valuable. Here are our recommended Shoreline keys:

● East wing room 205 ● East wing room 226 ● East wing room 306 ● East wing room 310 ● East wing room 314 ● West wing room 205 ● West wing room 216 ● West wing room 220 ● West wing room 221 ● West wing room 301 ● Cottage key ● Cottage safe key

Conclusion As you can see, there are a lot of different approaches to making money in the land of Tarkov, and they depend on how you like to play the game. Whether you prefer to play the market or load into high-income maps as a hatchling, you’ll soon have millions of rubles piling up in your stash.

Let us know your tips & tricks on how to make some Tarkov money below!

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