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Escape From Tarkov Patch 0.12.4 Overview and Thoughts

The latest major patch for Escape From Tarkov has polarized the game’s community. Today, we’re going to look at the changes and let you know what we think.

As a game that has been in development for years, Escape From Tarkov has seen its fair share of drastic changes. These shifts in the game's meta can be jarring for players who are new to the harsh world of Tarkov and even hardened veterans.

Today, we're going to look at one of the most controversial patches in recent memory, and we'll give you our two cents about the changes.

Weight System Overhaul Up until this patch, looting in Tarkov has only been limited by the number of slots in a player's inventory. With the implementation of the long-awaited weight system, Battlestate Games shifted up the meta, and many players were dissatisfied with the results.

With the new system, exceeding your character's maximum weight limit will prevent you from sprinting, and your character will lose stamina while walking, having to stop to regain it. This means that bringing in a bunch of heavy gear will improve your survivability, but it will also limit your looting.

After a bit of tweaking, Battlestate Games has managed to strike a balance that forces you to think about what kind of gear you’re bringing in and how it affects your overall weight. While the change initially frustrated many players, it seems like the community is learning to work within the confines of the new weight system.

Stamina Changes and Fatigue The stamina system has also been revamped, and you now have two stamina bars: the blue one represents your arm stamina, and the green one represents your leg stamina. Things like aiming, throwing grenades, and attempting melee strikes, will all deplete your arm stamina and will gradually decrease the effectiveness of these actions.

On the other hand, your leg stamina will be affected by actions like sprinting and jumping, tiring your character until you need to take a moment to rest.

Along with these alterations to how stamina is measured, the developers have also introduced a new system known as fatigue. Fatigue kicks in when you push your character too hard, and he remains in a state of low stamina for too long. This will increase your rate of energy depletion, meaning you may require additional food if you spend too long fatigued.

Interchange Rework With the rework to Interchange, many players were hoping for an end to the extract camping that is so common on the shopping mall-themed map. Unfortunately, the map’s new extracts are convoluted at best. Perhaps the best new one is the hole in fence, which is much like the sewer extract on Reserve in that you need to remove your backpack before using it.

Other changes include updated lighting, though there are still some kinks to be worked out, like the appearance of fog indoors. Finally, the power can now be turned on at the power station, activating lighting, alarms, and allowing access to the Kiba gun store.

VOG-17 and VOG-25 Grenades The VOG-17 and VOG-25 grenades are improvised explosives that feature a fuse mounted to under-barrel grenade launcher rounds. In game play terms, these grenades feature a somewhat weaker explosion than existing grenades, but they feature a deadly two- to three-second fuse.

In the right hands, these two grenades can be lethal, as your opponent will often be unable to react before the grenade explodes. Due to the shorter lethal radius of these grenades, you’ll need to have an accurate throw to make full use of these throw-ables, so a high strength skill can come in handy.

New Clothing Options New clothes have been added for both PMCs and Scavs. The new Scav top is the Russian Olympic jacket, which is white with red and blue accents. It's a stylish addition to the Scav clothing pool, but it's got notoriously poor camo so you won't be blending into any bushes.

As for the new PMC clothing, it consists of one top and one pair of pants each for both USEC and BEAR (for a total of four new clothing options). The tops are Telnik for BEAR and TIER2 for USEC. The pants are Tigr for BEAR and Commando for USEC. These items can be accessed through Ragman’s quests Textile Pt.1 and Pt.2.

Conclusion While Patch 0.12.4 has been a mixed bag of good and somewhat questionable ideas, we’re glad to see the development of Escape From Tarkov progressing inexorably forward. The new weight system encourages more thought in choosing your load-out, and the stamina changes have helped make the game even more realistic.

For a game that’s still in beta, Escape From Tarkov has more content than many full AAA releases, and this patch has added even more of it.

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