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How Online Gaming Has An Effect On Social Activities

Updated: Apr 2

Why play online games?

In this current era, online gaming has become one of the most interesting topics among young people. No doubt, the twenty-first century is the century of technology. Over time, the improvements in online gaming have attracted many people to play games online. Moreover, the real visualization and 3D graphics along with the technology implementation have made online gaming a truly masterful experience. The developers are the super minds behind these games. People interact with the other players that are far away, to play games and get amusement. In this way, there lies an online gaming community that loves to play new games and set challenges with other opponent teams to increase the interest level for online gaming. Playing online games is just like a new way of social interaction by targeting particular aims. MMORPG games which are known as Massively Multi-User Online Role-Playing Games have made it possible for people to spend their entire free time in these RPG "Worlds". ESports is also big draw for online gaming. Video Games like League Of Legends pit you against other real players in teams of 5, and are really fun. Games like SMITE and Heroes Of The Storm have all come to the party in hopes of reaching League Of Legends success. Fortnite is another huge success in the online gaming community. Gaming blogs of all sorts have come out to promote this game, Fortnite.

How the Online Gaming Community Connects People

The online gaming community connects people in multiple ways. Mainly, such communities target people by social platforms. It includes Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Gaming Servers, and Live Broadcasting on YouTube channels. People are interested in having video game streaming for amusement purposes. There may be multiple purposes behind putting efforts into developing relations with people by the gaming community. Online gaming community targets people for earning, publicity and getting people’s reviews against particular games. These communities also target people to develop a friendly relationship, to get benefits for winning purposes. To interact with people, they provide live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms. The core purpose is to get people's attention for multiple reasons running behind the scene. The scenario of online gaming is just strange. People who live far away from each other and do not ever meet, start playing online games as friends and teams. People love to make friends and opponents in games, without knowing anyone in real life. Moreover, with technology advancement and talking, people have made games super attractive. This is not less than a drug. Researches have shown that people who play online games are most addicted to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Online gamers have especially developed their personal computers for gaming purposes. For this purpose, they also spend a lot of money on it as well. These things are also the cause of getting people’s attraction. People love to watch live streams and talking with their team members from all over the world.

Positive aspects of online gaming

No doubt, playing online games online can be fun. Tasks in online gaming can strengthen the brain cell connections that support memory and learning power. Playing online games can also help to improve problem-solving skills. It encourages users to win games by adapting the best possible options in gaming strategies. Moreover, some games especially help people to take fast decisions as per experience or expected outcomes. Teamwork, cooperation, and multitasking skills can also improve by playing games online. These all described benefits are only possible if playing games are not at an addictive level. Otherwise, excess of playing online games can effect you with side effects such as lack of motivation to do other things, and addiction.

Negative aspects of online gaming

There are also many negative side effects to addiction to online gaming blogs. The online gaming blogs work not only by connecting people for amusement purposes, but they’re connecting people for creating a hypertension environment as well. One of the negative effects of online gaming is related to isolation from family and friends. Research has shown that people who play online games mostly waste their time rather than giving value to their family and life events. The online gaming community is just hanging out people in real mean, in multiple ways. People who play online games do not pay proper attention to their families. In short, it would not be false to say that family members of online gamers are also affected by them as well. People who play online games such as League Of Legends, and SMITE, or ESPORTS are also affected by their disrupted sleep patterns. Health reports have revealed that gamers are also affected by two major issues. These involve weakness of eyesight and gain/loss of weight. So, the decline in physical health is a big problem for online gamers. Along with these side effects, they are also affected by anxiety and loneliness. People who play online games have to face anxiety issues and even suicide cases have also been reported across the world. According to an analysis, some gamers also spend more than 10 to 15 hours per day for online gaming sessions. They feel more irritated, complex and depressed situation all the time. This affects their social life and relations badly. So, it would not be wrong to say that the online gaming community is just hanging out people.

Minecraft, Roblox, League Of Legends, Fortnite, World Of Warcraft, DOTA2, PUBG are some of the most addicted online games. Analysis has shown that many people had been badly affected by these games. The online game server is just like a platform that provides gamer ease to play games via the internet, with other multiple players across the world. With the technology advancements and improvements in gaming technology has made people possible to communicate via voice while playing games. People are just getting involved in such games willingly. Real-time and correspondence are the two possible ways to play games with opponents, via the internet. If a time limit is defined then players will be logged in right away. It is treated/named as a real-time server. If a time limit is not defined as the gamers do not need to log in at once, then it would be about correspondence play. Although, a real-time Go server is the most common way to play games with the help of the internet. Different console platforms and dedicated servers have influenced people to play games online with real-time statistics.

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