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Nintendo Gives Us A Look At The New Console, And We Are In Love!!

Updated: Apr 2

Hey gamers! Here at Socially Gaming we are all super pumped for the new Switch. Nintendo has finally revealed it's next console, and we are thrilled to say it looks beyond amazing!

The portability and multiplayer functionality of it makes it a developers wet dream, and I can't wait to get my hands on one. I now have to think about potentially making King's Gate available on the Nintendo Switch, since the portability and fact that you can just battle someone on the go anywhere anytime, really turns me on.

You can use the Switch in multiple ways, it comes with two mini Wii like controllers for two people to share the same console on the go, or you can slide them into the sides and use it as a single player handheld.

When at home, drop the switch into its home dash and grab your controller, you can continue playing the game, simple.

Group of you and your friends all have the Switch at a gathering, you can all play together using Bluetooth, with 2 people per Switch!

The graphics on both handheld and portable look great, this is all from the video of course, so I will update this once I get my hands on one, but for now.. We can all sit back now and stop speculating, we know it's coming, and we know how to expect it now.

Let us know what you think here at Socially Gaming.

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