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This Guy Broke The Cosplay Scene By Setting A Guinness World Record

Updated: Apr 2

In the world of cosplay, there’s a lot of variety. For some, it’s just a fun way to dress up. For others, it’s a lifestyle, or tied in with LARPing. It’s no secret that the cosplay community is incredibly diverse and creative, and over the years we’ve seen some pretty incredible cosplay.

But even within the realm of great cosplay, there’s a lot of variation. Let’s sum it up by saying that there’s great cosplay...and then there’s great cosplay. The latter is the kind that leaves you breathless and wondering how in the heck someone manages to dream up something so fabulous.

And this incredible Batman costume certainly qualifies.

Cosplayer Julian Checkley recently won an award for his costume--no, not a Comic-Con award, or even a smaller localized event reward, but a Guinness World Record for the most functional gadgets on a costume to date. Curiosity got the best of us and we just had to dig up some dirt on this costume. What we found is pretty amazing.

Julian’s costume contained 23 individual gadgets, most of which are functions. This includes a fireball shooter, two gauntlet video screens, a bat tracking beacon, a signal projector, a folding batarang, a grapnel gun, a cowl respirator and a pneumatic tranquilizer gun. Add to this an ultra-sonic anti-dog device, bat shurikens, a UV lamp, grenades, a flashlight, a medical kit, and a battery pack, and things start to get a bit crazy...but that’s far from all. Somehow, he also managed to fit in a laser designator, a bat-cam, a strobe stun gun, a gas dispenser, smoke bombs, a bat flask, a microphone and a two-way radio.

Each of the suit’s gadgets is packed with technological innovation. In order to get everything just right, Checkley consulted with a number of industry experts. An electrician helped him develop the working 2000Watt EMP Stun Gun, while pyrotechnics experts were consulted about the four-barrel Fireball Shooter. It was important to create a suit that could not only host all 23 devices, but do so safely without risk to Checkley or anyone else who wore it.

Getting a look at the gadgets close up identifies just how much incredible detail went into their design. Even the shuriken itself is razor-sharp, digging into a wall with ease when thrown in this video. The only thing that seems to be oddly out of place or missing was pointed out by Gizmodo fan Flying Squid here; what’s up with the oddly uncovered crotch section? Perhaps a Bat-cup is required.

Julian took his inspiration from Batman: Arkham Origins. Considered by many to be one of the best Batman games of all time, it scored an astounding 9/10 of Steam and a respectable 76 percent on Metacritic. The costume was 3D printed, molded, and cast from a flexible urethane rubber shell that was then placed over an undersuit.

Though Julian himself is tall, he’s even more so in the suit. From toes to bat ear tips, his height measures 6”10’. No low doorways for this guy! The sheer width of the chest piece is intimidating, too; though no exact figures could be found, it’s easy to see with a glance that it’s every bit as beefed up as the actual character’s costume was, too.

Checkley’s inspiration for creating costumes isn’t new; in an interview with Guinness World Records, he revealed that he’d always had an interest in the world of fantasy. A lifelong love of everything from comic books to Star Wars saw him making his first costume at the tender age of 7. By adulthood, he was working in the film industry as a model maker and costume designer. He’s also created a number of other award-winning costumes, covering everyone from Bane to Chewbacca.

The response to the costume was so overwhelming that his studio, Order 66 Creatures and Effects, was forced to post a notice on their Facebook page informing fans of the overload. A few short days later, they very excitedly released another post detailing that the costume had even managed to grab the attention of DC Comic execs--no small feat in a world where Batman is one of the most sought-after and worn cosplay costumes.

The proof is in the picture, and Checkley’s studio didn’t disappoint. A photo of a smiling Checkley and a colleague made the rounds, Guinness World Record certificate nestled carefully between their beaming smiles. True to his humble nature, this would have been enough for the proud-but-modest Checkley...but the hype wasn’t over. Shortly after, several of the world’s most prolific mainstream magazines picked up the story, too. Rolling Stone and Time Magazine were two of the first to highlight his incredible accomplishment.

So where can you learn more about this incredible costume? Well, for now, online is the only source. You’ll find the main two-page spread in the middle of the upcoming Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2017, but it doesn’t officially release until September 8th on Amazon. In the meantime, Order 66’s Facebook page is a pretty great source of information, too.

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