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5 Epic Bars Built For Geeks & Gamers

Updated: Apr 2

Socially Gaming put together a nice booze list for you. Sometimes after a long week at work sometimes the best thing to do is just go out and get tipsy with some good friends. That is always fun (plus I never turn down alcohol). Yet, sometimes I find myself wanting something different. I find myself wanting a place where I can combine my passion for Batman with getting buzzed on a Saturday night. So, I decided to do some research. Here I am going to take you on tour of the top 5 nerd themed joints around the country. Whether you are into cosplay, D&D, or a fan of horror films. There is little something for the geek in everyone.

1.Millenium Fandom Bar

Theme: Everything nerdy

Located in Downtown Las Vegas, this place pretty much encompasses everything nerdy. From the time you walk in, the walls have all sorts of memorabilia and fanfare, it’s pretty much a nerd clubhouse. Not to mention they have happy hour from 5pm-7pm every day. What makes this place really special is how they get everyone involved from themed parties ranging from Ghostbusters to villains, and a weekly nerd trivia night (every Wednesday at 8pm who’s joining me?), they really try to follow what’s going on in pop culture and include everyone’s different type of fandom. Not to mention their slogan is “Cosplay or not lets Fandom.” It really is a great place to let loose, grab a drink and let your nerd out.

2. Mox Boarding House

Theme: Board Games

Want to grab a beer, maybe a bite to eat and play a game of Magic: the Gathering in your own private room with some friends? Then Bellevue, Washington’s Mox Boarding House is the place for you. They pretty much have any board game you would like to play. Not only this, but they also host events every night ranging from a Pokémon League on Sundays, to Dungeons and Dragons on Wednesdays and a Friday night tournament for Magic: the Gathering with cash prizes. It’s a fun place to get your booze on and your game on.

3. The Lovecraft Bar

Theme: Sci-fi and Horror

Take a shot, do a little dance, maybe get your cards read. Lovecraft Bar takes its name from horror author H.P. Lovecraft and it shows. They have tons of horror movie memorabilia everywhere, and have nights where they play old B horror movies. It’s pretty much a party every night. They always have a band or a d.j. and the occasional burlesque dancer show up too. Feel free to show up in your goth best.

4. Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den

Theme: Zombies

Do you think you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? Well whatever your answer is, if zombies are your thing this is definitely the place to check out. Set up like a zombie safe house, once you are in the clear from being chased by the undead, come in and enjoy a cocktail or how about an “immunization shot”? After all, fighting zombies is always better when you’re drunk. The safe house type atmosphere is complete with mounted zombie heads and chainsaws scattered around, just in case a zombie does make it in. Also, all of their cocktails are made with fresh produce daily. Only the highest quality for all the zombie slayers out there.

5. Gotham City Lounge

Theme: Comic Books

Remember when you were a kid and the walls to your room were lined with every superhero imaginable? Well, Gotham City Lounge located in Brooklyn, New York completely recreates that nostalgic feeling. The small bar is completely covered in comic book pages, memorabilia and figurines, making it the ultimate place to throw back a few beers while discussing which superhero is better. Not to mention, they have $3 shooters. The ultimate place to get that childhood feeling back while getting drunk.

1293 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11221

(718) 387 – 4182

There you have it. The 5 places to get your drink on while getting your complete dose of socially gaming nerdlife. If you have any suggestions for us, leave them in the comments! We are always on the hunt for epic nerd hangouts and would love to write about others we may have missed!

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