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10 Celebrities Who Love Video Games As Much As You Do

Updated: Apr 2

Video games: the only charted territory that has the ability to wrest us apart and bring us together, all in the same glorious foul swoop. Whether you're a die-hard Minecrafter or a top-tier World of Warcraft (WoW) PvPer, it's easy to agree that games can help us to relax, unwind, or even just feel an incredible amount of joy after a long, difficult day at work.

As it turns out, it's not just the average joe that thinks so, either; there's a long list of celebrities getting involved in the gaming world as time goes on. Next time you log into your favorite multiplayer, consider that it's very possible you just may find yourself standing directly next to one of these well-known celebrities without even knowing who they are.

(Twilight Zone theme)

Ronda Rousey

When she's not slamming someone to the floor in a mixed martial arts ring, Ronda Rousey has been known to slam people to the floor in another realm entirely--World of Warcraft. Rousey's Twitter account is loaded with snippets from her play time, and an interview with the UFC even showed her toon on video, leading to complete online chaos. The internet exploded after learning that the award-winning fighter plays an Alliance Night Elf. A great many players have claimed to identify her toon, but Rousey has never confirmed this and likely wouldn't--celebrities who are identified in games like WoW often become instant targets for trolling.

Henry Cavill

You may know him best as Superman, but Henry Cavill isn't just a supernatural fighter in the movies; he's an accomplished fighter in-game, too. Cavill plays a smattering of games over multiple genres, including WoW, Skyrim, and several other single-player games. He's even gone on record confirming that he almost missed his audition for Superman because he was too busy playing WoW to pick up the phone--a near miss that motivated him to get into better shape for his role, too.

Robin Williams

Before his untimely death, Williams was an outspoken supporter of World of Warcraft. He also dearly loved The Legend of Zelda so much that he named his first and only daughter Zelda, too. The game's players had so much respect for Williams that, after his death, developers created an island and set up a statue that paid homage to the actor in Warlords of Draenor. For those who want to visit in person, swimming across the water south of Grommashar will afford you a direct path to the tribute island.

Will Arnett

Funny man Will Arnett comes together with his friends to play video games regularly, and has made reference to sessions of Call of Duty and various other XBox titles with Justin Theroux, Jerry O'Connell, and Jason Sudeikis. He even teamed up with XBox at one point to create a YouTube series titled, "Game Chat." Unfortunately, the series never really got off the ground.

Nicole Gale Anderson

Nicole Gale Anderson is a creative genius, that's for sure. After all, not just anyone can play Heather Chandler in Beauty & the Beast. Her gaming time is spent wandering the realms of Minecraft, building and surviving hordes of zombies, and maybe the occasional foray into "hell," (the Nether) too.

Zac Efron

Rumor has it that Zac Efron's XBox addiction is so serious, it's part of the reason he broke up with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. His favorites include Call of Duty and Madden Football, the latter of which he played in a gaming for charity tournament in 2011. The self-proclaimed nerd also loves all things comic books.

Snoop Dog (Lion?)

Is it Snoop Dog this year, or Snoop Lion? We're not sure, but that's okay. A rose by any other name would still be a rose addicted to video games...or...something. He's admitted to loving Call of Duty and other FPS games, and even co-produced a rhythm-combat game of his own titled, "Way of the Dogg." He also wrote and recorded the track "Knocc 'Em Down" for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in 2012.

Jack Black

Realizing that Jack Black likes video games feels a bit like realizing that it does, in fact, snow in Canada. He just seems like the type of person who would love to rack up a few kills or spend the day hunting dragons, and that's a fair assessment; he's been playing video games since the early days of Space Invaders. These days, the comedian loves to play Black Ops and other FPS games in his spare time. Jack also played a role in 2009's Brutal Legend, which almost didn't make to the public thanks to a lawsuit by Activision.

Aisha Tyler

Perhaps the "old school-iest," most righteous game of them all, Aisha Tyler has spoken out many times about her long love affair with video games.

Unfortunately, as it often is with every female gamer since the creation of gaming history, she has been questioned about her legitimacy.

In response, she penned this note on Facebook, where she waxed poetic about her love and ended by telling the haters precisely where they could go, and how to get there faster. She clarified, "I play. I've been playing my whole life. I'm not ashamed of it. I don't apologize for it. It's who I am. To the core. I'm a gamer."

Aisha remains a presence at various Comic-Cons around the world and has voiced video game roles twice, a testament to her dedication if nothing else.

Daniel Craig

Tell anyone you know that "Daniel Craig likes to shoot things," and the response is likely to be "Thank you, Captain Obvious." What we're talking about here is not his role in the Bond movies; rather, we're discussing Craig's purported love of games with great storylines instead. In an interview with Absolute Radio, he clarified that he, "can't play them all the time," because he just wouldn't get anything else done, explaining that most games are just "too time-consuming."

We hear you, Daniel Craig, we hear you. If only we were all rich and famous enough to never work again, right? Daniel's favorites include the Halo series and a variety of other interactive shooters.

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