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7 Awesome Cosplay Finds From Comic Con San Diego 2016

Updated: Apr 2

Another year has come and gone, and San Diego's Comic-Con with it. This was a great year for cosplay, with an incredible selection of costumes and performances from some of America's most talented individuals. Game of Thrones was a big-time presence at this year's event, but there were enough other concepts around to keep things interesting. From incredibly weird selections like Elvis falling victim to Sharknado, to on-point renditions of Queen Cersei calmly sipping wine while the world burns down around her, this year's costumes were loaded with creativity (and really, really, really fun to look at).

To honor the astonishing amount of work cosplayers put into these costumes, I chose several of my favorites for this article. Then, I went digging (sans mining outfit, sorry, too hot for that). What I discovered was a treasure trove of tasty informational tidbits, images, and videos from the Con, each of which I am most pleased to share with you right here.

Melanie Davis' Queen Cersei (Game of Thrones Finale 2016)

From a distance, you'd never know Melanie's costume wasn't exactly the same as the costume Cersei donned on the fateful Game of Thrones episode that saw the sept blown to smithereens. The militaristic style is immediately clear and well-carried; it's only when you get up close that you begin to notice the differences.

In a short interview, Davis explained that the costume used multiple layers of fabric to create the illusion of Cersei's black quilted leather dress. Rather than raised sections, she used cut-outs that revealed an inner layer of high-resolution photo-printed fabric that, from a distance, looked almost precisely the same without the need for advanced stitching. Davis created her costume in just three weeks.

Check her out in this video:

George R. R. Martin the Grim Reaper (Unknown Source)

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to source who made this costume or who came up with the idea, but there's just no way I could write this article without including him.

This guy wins major bonus points for looking quite like Martin himself right off the get-go, but the outfit is also perfectly matched to how we usually see him in interviews.

Add to this the fact that many cosplayers reported that he was following around Game of Thrones characters with his very big death scythe and you have one hilariously on-point idea.

Alicia Marie's Rendition of "Taki" (Soul Calibur)

Without purchasing an actual movie prop, and without spending a small fortune, it's very difficult to come up with a costume that really and truly matches the real thing. But Alicia Marie's rendition of "Taki"? Really just altogether excellent.

This was a collaboration project between a few different parties. The base bodysuit itself was created by Castle Corsetry, while all of the leather props and parts were created by Stewart Props. Alicia herself was responsible for all other elements of the outfit, including the absolutely amazing detail on the armor pieces.

Much as with every other complex outfit in the history of time, it looked fantastic, but wasn't entirely comfortable. On her Facebook page, Alicia mentioned that the leg spikes were particularly a problem. "I was so scared I would GORE someone's legs," she explained, adding that the costume needed plenty of repairs at the end because of them.

Alicia Marie also mentioned that she plans to release a guided, step-by-step tutorial for this one, so keep an eye on her Facebook page!

Edgar Mayoral's Rendition of "Guts in Berserk Armor"

Next on the list, and actually one of the year's Masquerade competitors, is Edgar Mayoral's rendition of "Guts in Berserk Armor." This is just a crazy impressive costume right from the get-go; it's big, it's bold, and it's impossible to miss.

Unfortunately, Mayoral speaks mostly Spanish on his Facebook page, and thus, I had some difficulty with translating the details, but it does appear that he hand-crafted the entire costume either completely on his own or with just a little bit of help. Videos like this one illustrate his workplace and the sheer ludicrous size of even just the sword itself.

Mayoral uses medieval armor production techniques to craft his cosplay outfits, many of which look just as frightening and cumbersome as the real thing. Fortunately, he also added elements for comfort, like a padded mask inside the welded helmet.

At a height of 5' 7", the costume isn't exactly oversized, but that doesn't make it any less imposing. If you'd like to get a glimpse into the creative genius behind this costume, jump over to his concept-through-production album here.

Find him on Facebook:

Jose Dauacos's Rendition of "Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast"

It's really unfortunate that I wasn't able to source information on either the creator or the costume process for this piece, but again, it was well-worth mentioning, anyway.

Dauacos' incredible costume looks, for all intents and purposes, like a very melting candle with a serious Parisian accent. Even his facial features are on point, something that cosplayers who venture on stage can sometimes struggle with.

Considering that the original character is from a Disney movie, and also a cartoon, this is a pretty serious contender for one of the best costumes this year.

Jessica Nigri's Rendition of "Road Hog" AND "Totoro"

Did you really think we'd get through a list of bests without seeing Nigri on this list at least once? Okay, well, twice, since both costumes are equally amazing.

First, "Road Hog." This is a seriously dangerous and sexy costume all at the same time. It's a nice twist on what's usually a sort of bleach character with a fat belly and smell lines wafting out from him, yes? The concept and development of this look was sketched out and partially created by artist Martin Wong, a creative genius in his own right, but Nigri had a fair hand in its creation, too. The incredibly detailed stomach tattoo is a product of artist Star Exorcist.

Crazy huge shoulder epaulets and giant stabby screws on the hook result in a gender-bent Road Hog that I, for one, would not like to meet in a dark alley if I owed her money. Or even if she asked for the time, really. That thing could take out an eye in 0.2 seconds simply by removing the entire head at once.

Throw in a slightly ill-fitted leather bra and a pig nose mask and you have a transmog that couldn't possibly be any closer if it tried.

Next, "Necromancer Totoro." What's not to love about this costume? Here, the costume was dreamed up by artist Zach Fischer (Zach Fischer Illustrations), and created by both Nigri and possibly a few other people along the way.

Sure, there's quite a bit of creative license, here--a few people mentioned that the character ends up looking more like Princess Mononoke than Totoro--and it's a bit...well, it's Nigri's typical blend of sexy and complex.

But if you look at it closely (not difficult), you'll notice that the shading is super-detailed, the decorative elements are intricate, and even the design of the weapon is almost hyper-realistic (at least for within a game or fantasy realm).

As it's only been a few days since Comic-Con, we can expect a great deal of information on these costumes to be released over the coming days and weeks. That said, don't forget that many of these cosplayers also have Instagram accounts and Youtubes, and many have committed to creating vlogs that highlight the creation process. If you're interested, don't be afraid to pop by and have a look.

Love 'em, hate 'em, preferred something do you feel about these costumes? Let us know in the comments.

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