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With E3 On The Horizon, We Look At The Most Anticipated Games Of 2016

Updated: Apr 2

We're just hours away from the first E3 Announcements and just days away from the show. In honor of that, we're gonna take a look at some of the games we hope to be set in stone for release, and a prediction of what we hope is revealed.

| Resident Evil 2 Remake |

Capcom Officially made the announcement in August of 2015, but has since remained completely quite about the game. The developers have confirmed that the game will be an entire remake "From the ground up" as he stated, but other than that, we have not heard anything else. We hope Resident Evil 2 Remake gets a nice reveal at E3 2016.

We have so many questions though! What will Claire and Leon look like? What platforms will it be released for? Will they keep the original fixed camera angle? This and many more!

So let's keep our fingers crossed Capcom at least gives us something to look forward to.

| Watch Dogs 2 |

Not a whole lot has been said about the original Watch Dogs, but that doesn't mean Watch Dogs 2 will be the same. We're hoping this sequel will be the push that UbiSoft needs for this game to take off. A vibrant living city, and the ability to do unique maneuvers such as blow cows up and treat jets like pinatas set this game apart from the rest. We look forward to improvements in this title

| For Honor |

We got a peek at UbiSoft's moba like action game For Honor at last years E3, and since then it has been at the top of our lists. We are excited to get a release date for this, and hope to see some more gameplay video since the concept of the game is still a little vague.

We really want to hear about the various multiplayer modes the game will feature, as well as the single-player campaign or story mode if there will be one.

| Battlefield 1 |

The Battlefield series has been somewhat repetitive in it's last few releases, and we really hope that by returning to the series' roots, will revitalize a once awesome title. DICE has also claimed that it will be returning the original sandbox multiplayer combat maps that made the series popular in the first place. All of this combined with the history of World War 1 should give us a fresh take on multiplayer combat games and push the series forward.

| Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare |

Ah, the much anticipated return of developer Infinity Ward to the genre defining series, Call Of Duty. It's going to be a good year for shooters with both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 also dropping this fall, we will see if Infinity Ward can keep the series ahead of the curve as it always has.

| Horizon: Zero Dawn |

We were all blown away at last year's E3 Show when a girl named Aloy took down a giant robotic dinosaur with her bow and arrow, and we can only imagine what developer Guerilla Games has in store for us this year. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where humans now sits at the bottom of the food chain and the world is dominated by robotic creatures, its an interesting take on a theme that has been used several times before. We are excited to see what is revealed here this year.

| Final Fantasy 7 Remake |

No secret here, this is one of everyone here at Socially Gaming's most anticipated game. We don't expect to be able to play the game yet at E3, but we do hope Square Enix has new game play footage to dangle over our heads. We would really love to see more video on how the battle system will work, and possibly hear more about how the episodes will be divided. All around happiness here and we are thrilled for anything square reveals about the long awaited remake of Final Fantasy 7.

| Titanfall 2 |

Titanfall paved the way for modern day shooters with unique abilities and running on walls. All things we had never seen before in a multiplayer FPS, and we are excited to see how developer Respawn adds to the already amazing game. Will we get a single player campaign in the sequel? Will game play be changed at all? We hope to find all of this out and more at this years E3 Convention.

| Dishonored 2 |

Armed with an array of super powers, Dishonored allows you to roam a city where it's citizens intelligently react to you, and you can sneak around offing unsuspecting victims with visually stunning powers. The sequel will hopefully take the series to the next level and feature a more open world and expanded arsenal. We can't wait to see what we can do in this one.

| Mass Effect: Andromeda |

We here at Socially Gaming only know what has been leaked on this game, but we can predict it will feature all the greatest things we love about the series and expand on them and we are hoping for a seamless open galaxy in this sequel. Bioware will likely show the game in action this year and were dying to see it.

We hope you are excited about these titles as much as we are here at Socially Gaming. What are you looking forward to?

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