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As Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets Closer, We Get Ready To Lose Months Of Our Social Lives

Updated: Apr 2

Socially Gaming is super excited about this one. I think everyone here at the Socially Gaming office will be on vacation the week it comes out! At E3 2015, one of the most epic moments in gaming history happened.. Square Enix announced that they indeed would be making a re-boot of the classic RPG Final Fantasy 7. A title that developed a literal cult like following and paved the way for the rest of the series' popularity. I still to this day put Final Fantasy 7's story line and character development at the top of my lists.

However, since the announcement, not a whole lot has been released in regards to the title. Here are few things we do know about the upcoming release.

  • Due to the games massive size on PS1, taking up 3 discs, in order to fully recreate the game at it's scale for the modern day ps4, it will require the game to be released in an episodic structure, with each episode being a part of the epic story-line. Square Enix has stated that each episode will be massive in size and be full sized stand alone games.

  • Battle system will likely change from the classic turn-based battle system to a more dynamic action based battle system.

  • While a release date has not officially been announced, we are hoping for episode one to be released in Dec. 2016, going into 2017.. which would be a 20 year anniversary for the original game.

  • Cloud will still be a bad ass.

While they may be playing tease with us, it's certainly working by keeping Final Fantasy 7 Remake hyped up and in the spotlight even while they prepare to release Final Fantasy XV, on September 30.

In the meantime, they have given us a few brilliant videos, while we all anxiously await any further news from Square Enix, and prepare to go into hiding while we relive one of the most epic stories of our childhood. You can immediately tell all of the gameplay footage is from the opening sequence of the original game. They made sure to include all the memorable characters Biggs, Wedge and of course Barret. One thing we are curious about, is how they will play the love triangle between Aerith, Tifa and Cloud, as well as the awkward moment when Cloud has to dress up as a girl in order to seduce The Don. Socially Gaming has you covered on all the news leading up to the launch.

Let us know your thoughts on the release, and episodic structure of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, as well as your thoughts and predictions for the story.

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