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We're Bringing Back 4 Strength 4 Stam...

Updated: Apr 2

Several years ago when World Of Warcraft was still at the top of every news headline, a really funny video was sent to me. I watched this video over 100 times, and still to this day I laugh so hard! If you have ever played WoW and been in a guild, then you are well aware of all the funny moments you wish you recorded audio of in Ventrillo. Ventrillo was a voice chat server that guilds would use to voice chat with each other privately within the guild.

And then this happened...

There are a ton of videos online, of similar Ventrillo embarrassments. Some even go as far as to get members of the guild to quit or fight with each other. Search Ventrillo Harrasment on YouTube and enjoy.

We will have shirts available soon of his amazing "4 Strength 4 Stam" quote.

Let us know your thoughts on this Socially Gaming classic.. we can't help but laugh every time!

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