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Sexiest Cosplay Girls To Follow On Instagram

With so many new players getting into cosplay everyday, Socially Gaming decided to put together a list of some of our favorite girls to follow on Instagram. From League Of Legends to Star Wars, we love it all and hope that cosplay continues to grow it's fan base.. because hey... we're not about to start complaining. Nothing wrong in my book with sexy girls wearing all my favorite comic costumes and talking about gaming.

We had no clue going in that there are so many popular cosplay girls! It's awesome, sexiness everywhere!

So let's get into the list and show off some of these epic pictures.

These are in no particular order, and we did not base them off of the amount of followers but rather the quality of their content and costumes, because to be honest, we notice that some of the best ones, did not have as many followers but had just as good, or better content than some of the more popular "Cosplay" accounts.

So here it is.

JESSICA NIGRI | @JessicaNigri

Jessica mostly does Cosplay, but she also has a YouTube Channel. You can find her signed prints for sale here. She posts regularly and has some pretty epic League Of Legends Cosplay. One of our favorites by her is this Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins, and that Viegar though.


Yaya Han has been on the scene for quite some time, we love her versatility and how she does more than just video games. She also has a lot of great cosplay pieces and parts for sale at her shop, here. One of our favorites is her Jessica Rabbit, she pulls it off beautifully, and that Chun Li!


Meg is also a host over at @RosterTeeth, although she is not as active as some of our other cosplayers, she has still put out some pretty good content and has a respectable 347k followers. We do wish we saw more from Meg, and hope we will soon. Someone needs to get this girl in front of Fake Nerd Boy or something, either way, we felt she deserves a spot on here because of her Black Cat Cosplay.


Alexandria is an epic cosplay personality. She has a large following on Facebook as well. She posts content regularly although it is not always cosplay. We wish we saw a little more cosplay focus from her as well, especially with her look. She pulled off a pretty cool Morrigan costume, so we had to include her as one of the sexiest female cosplay accounts to follow, we are huge fans of hers.


Monika has a wide variety of costumes and cosplay sets up on her website. She has been on SyFy channel a few times, pretty cool. She has fresh content on the regular, and cosplays some awesome Anime stuff. She apparently likes food and also is an avid gamer.


WOW.. Is all I can say about this girl. She is absolutely gorgeous and super talented. Her photography skills are excellent, but combine that with her Photoshop touch ups and you have pretty epic cosplay sets. She mostly does photography of others cosplay, but you can occasionally catch her in costume as well, and when she does. We drool.


Alexia is an active model, costumer designer and cosplayer who seems to focus on the more American side of comics, which is awesome in our book. We love her Venom Cosplay.


Raychul is a gamer, YouTuber and cosplayer who is also on the more American side of gaming. You can catch her on YouTube, where she does game reviews, previews, toy un-boxing and other mischievous nerd things here. All we know, is she makes a darn sexy Mario.


Katrina is big into League Of Legends Cosplay, and we dig this. She is active on Instagram and Facebook, regularly posting content and keeping things fresh.


That one time Melonie Mac wore a costume.. got her an honorable mention. While she may not be a Cosplayer, we would love to see more of her in costume. Melonie is an avid YouTuber and covers topics related to gaming and comics.

We know there are tons more girls out there, whose accounts we did not mention. We will be doing solo spotlights with more girls in the cosplay world this Summer.

Did we miss someone? Comment your favorite cosplay girls to follow!

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